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This is the Portal of NEOS, the Network of Europe Oriented Schools

NEOS is a network of currently 22 schools in 7 European countries, based on the‘Cologne Declaration’. The Cologne Declaration comprises of a binding mission statement and quality standards in the following areas:


Mission Statement and Quality Standards
NEOS is a network of currently 22 schools in 7 European countries, based on the ‘Cologne Declaration’.

NEOS seeks to prepare young people in particular for their future in a consolidating Europe. In order for tolerance and openness towards cultural traditions to come naturally to future European citizens, tolerance and openness must be practised together with learning and the willingness to achieve.

  • *Intercultural Learning
    *Language Learning
  • *Foreign Projects
    *Orientation Knowledge
  • *European Career Orientation
    *Curriculum/School Programme

  • *Framework Conditions


Philosophy of the NEOS Online Association

Principle of Parallel Work

At NEOS schools pupils and students are regarded as experts of their own business. Teachers take seriously students’ matter
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Principle of Delegation

The international NEOS- student’s workshops are prepared on a long-term basis at the individual NEOS-schools. For some time
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Principle of Solidarity

Every active NEOS school pays an anuual member fee of 333,- € This money is managed by the coordinating NEOS school
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Enduring relationships

NEOS schools realize the importance of establishing enduring relationships for an enduring common work
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